Mr. Tolulope Onabolu

Teaching Fellow in Architecture at the University of Edinburgh

We are honoured to have Mr. Tolulope Onabolu joining #mOOO5 Jury Panel!

Tolulope explores the use of architectural visualization in the speculation of urban scenarios and in the reconceptualization of lost architectural heritage. He is interested in the role of architecture in the conditioning of human subjectivity, the sanctioning of the architect by sovereign prerogative, and the dangers of aesthetic agenda as political device.

In his research and lived experience, reinforced by the work of Alain Badiou, Giorgio Agamben, Michel Foucault, and Georges Bataille, he has queried the logics of belonging, inclusion, exclusion, and consumption as spatio-political practices.

Through his studio teaching, he finds direct correlation in horror fiction and speculative realism on the issues of foreignness and alterity and uses their narrative forms to lay bare the explicitly political structure of spatial practices in architecture and the built environment. In addition, he interrogates the consumption of architecture and its representation through computational practice.

He has taught across various design and theory courses at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture ESALA and has delivered projects across the UK and Nigeria. His work has been profiled at the Venice Biennale and the London Festival of Architecture.

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