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general submission guide 

submission requirements could vary between competitions,
please follow the submission requirements stated on event pages and event briefs.

[example layout]

  • There is no need to resolve the entire design in detail

  • There is no need to design and cover the entire given site footprint

  • The three drawings should be seen as three Snapshots with consistent drawing style

  • Three 300mm x 300mm drawings covering at least 2 different scales 


– example work from our jurors from TARKIB STUDIO

mOOO submission format
  • 3 x Submission Boards (Images Only)
  • 300 words of Project Description with Title (Text Only)  
  • A project title with your two chosen keywords
  • Use entry numbers #m_ _ _ _ we provide instead of your real names in all submission files

There is no constraint with regard to the content or style of the
drawings; we encourage exploration and innovation in finding
the right expression to communicate a simple but powerful
idea. Please download and use our submission templates to avoid incorrect submission formats. 




Submission Step 01  –  Output 3 Drawings to JPEG 3000 x 3000 PIXELS (300 DPI) 

  • Submit the three drawings in 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels 
  • Please name the submission files with the entry number we have sent you through confirmation emails
  • Please do not include names and entry numbers on submission drawings 
  • Please do not put large paragraphs of text on the submission drawing boards

Submission Step 02  –  Include a WORD / TXT text file 

  • Please provide concise and spell-checked descriptions of your design concepts
  • Please do not exceed 300 words in English

Submission Step 03  –  Upload the Files TO OUR SUBMISSION PORTAL

  • Entrants should receive an upload link within a week from registration
  • Student participants should each submit one digital copy of their student card / official school document with a valid expiry date or degree duration on it. 
  • There should be a total of 4 files (5 for Student Entry) titled only with your unique entry number 
  • Example: context_m4121, design_m4121, etc.




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