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A cow makes a mOOOing sound when it is getting milked but we also like to imagine the mOOO sound when an idea is brought forward! What we do is almost equivalent to the milking process of cows. Creativity dies if not exercised constantly. We like to think that we are the agents of a creativity farm, hence our name: mOOO. 

The three Os structures our submission requirements – entrants will be asked to submit three images for each competition, sized 300 x 300mm. Entrants are allowed to submit any three images that best describes the idea or proposed intervention.



[example layout]

  • There is no need to resolve the entire design in detail

  • There is no need to design and cover the entire given site footprint

  • The three drawings should be seen as three Snapshots with consistent drawing style

  • Three 300mm x 300mm drawings covering at least 2 different scales 


Submission Step 01  –  Output 3 Drawings to JPEG 300mm x 300mm (300 DPI) 

  • You may also choose to submit the three drawings in 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels 
  • Please name the submission files with the entry number we have sent you through confirmation emails
  • Please do not include names and entry numbers on submission drawings 

Submission Step 02  –  Include a WORD / TXT text file 

  • Please provide concise and spell-checked descriptions of your design concepts
  • While there is no fixed amount for the number of words, 250 words in English would be within the perfect range for our evaluations 

Submission Step 03  –  Upload the Files or a shareable link to our competition submission box

  • Entrants should receive an upload link within a week from registration
  • Student participants should each submit one digital copy of their student card / official school document with a valid expiry date or degree duration on it. 
  • There should be a total of 4 files (5 for Student Entry) titled only with your unique entry number 
  • Example: context_m4121, design_m4121, etc.



– example work from our jurors from TARKIB STUDIO



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