Interview with Architecture competition juror panel of mOOO5 inclusive inhabitation [HMM]: Human Mission to Mars (2021)


Introduction of Tolulope Onabolu

Tolulope Onabolu joins Jury Panel of #mOOO5

In the discussion with mOOO’s co-founder Ben Tseng, the session covers a broad range of topics:

– competition brief setting of human space mission and inclusive inhabitation

– space stations logistic and technological limits today

– social values, inclusivity, and the inherent bias in the international space race between countries

– video/immersive design as new digital tools for architects

– importance of starting conversations and building ideas

– contemporary sci-fi references and academic references


Richard Armstrong | Star Ark: A Living, Self-Sustaining Spaceship

Mars trilogy | KimStanleyRobinson (Red Green and Blue)

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