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macau [ morphosis ] first jurors announced

We are delighted to announce that the first two jurors of  #mOOO1 macau [ morphosis ] have been confirmed

Negar Moghtadaei and Yashar Montazeri, Founders at Tarkib Studio, will be joining us on our #mOOO1 competition jury panel! 

Negar Moghtadaei

Negar Moghtadaei

Founder & CEO at Tarkib Studio

Yashar Montazeri

Yashar Montazeri

Founder & CEO at Tarkib Studio

Their unique graphical architectural drawing style is frequently featured amongst international platforms.

We are honoured to have them on board for our first design competition! Who better to judge a competition then our experts in aesthetic architectural designs equipped with advanced graphical skills themselves?



Their impressive drawing standard is what the mOOO team would like to see in our design entries!


A lot of their design drawings are composed by three drawings in sequence and in a row. Even though different drawings showcase different details of designs, they share a coherent and stunning graphical language


This type of presentation is similar to a triptych and more or less goes in line with mOOO’s submission requirement.


The word triptych (pronounced trip-tick) has its origins in the Greek ‘triptykhos‘ meaning “three-layered.” It is, quite simply, a picture that is painted or printed on three panels.  – Artist Helen South


A triptych has a lot of benefits over other forms of layouts –

  • To give the art a narrative in the beginning, middle, and end sense of a story.
  • To continue a theme along with three pieces.
  • To examine a subject from multiple scales, perspectives or with varying techniques.
  • To show the progression of a subject, such as its growth or decline.
  • To showcase three separate elements that are related and complement each other.
  • To break up a very large piece for easier transport, storage, and display.


As architectural designers and young professionals, our drawings should not only describe the design concepts. They should be aesthetically pleasing at the same time even to the untrained layman’s eyes. Even the best architectural designs could fall victim to poor graphics presentations. The quality of design drawings is crucial to getting the attention and exposure we young designers would need to flourish. 


To take a close look at their internationally recognised design work, click on Instagram and their website links below!


Competition :  #mOOO1 macau [ morphosis ] 

Website Link :

Instagram Link : @tarkibstudio




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