Macau Cloud Pavilion

by Kee Yu Xuan from Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art


Kee Yu Xuan is a postgraduate student of Mackintosh School of Architecture. After graduated from Taylor’s University with Bachelor of Science in Architecture, he has accumulated 18 months of working experience under architecture design studio in Malaysia. As a passionate designer, he is interested in participating more architectural competitions to explore more intriguing design ideas. His goal is to be a licensed Architect while continuing to deepen his expertise in architectural design and finding his own design philosophy. 


What inspired the design idea(s):

The scheme aims to transform Macau new reclamation shoreline and intervene more entertaining public activities by creating a water fun palace. The design was inspired by the natural cycle of water and intended to create a self-sustaining micro climate. The overall design created a rainy scenery by inserting all the fun element and water system under an artificial rainy cloud floating on the skyline of Macau. The integration of sustainable fog nozzles and water pumps create a fun water experience at the shore. 


Favourite field(s) of study/research/design and future goals:

Kee Yu Xuan is interested in all fields related to the architecture and urbanism. He always positions himself towards the imaginative design and realize fictional ideas to solve urban problems as well as improve build environment. His future goal is to create more provocative design to transform the cityscape and witness his own designs to be realized.


Any further comment on / suggestion for the future of Macau:

The casinos, new hotels and entertainment architecture has been over developed in Macau. Without sufficient urban living room, the urban culture of Macau is rapidly being transformed into more private and indoor space which shifting the lifestyles by leading people to stay away from outdoor activities. Nowadays, the over excessive buildings have occupied most of the spaces in the city. Macau has beautiful shorelines and surrounded by water, the amount of outdoor public spaces and urban events should be outnumbered the domestic ones. In addition, the reclamation land has potential to set a new urban agenda for reconnecting people of Macau back to shore by providing more public spaces and gives rise to new physical layout to the city. With the extension of more urban living room and interventions that improve the people daily life, Macau can be transformed into another most liveable city. 

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